• Future of Homes

Future of Homes

Saint-Gobain Glass and Glass Solutions business bring together a range of benefits that enhance a residential space. It provides light, transparency, summer comfort, aesthetics, and UV protection, all of which translate into homes that score on form as well as function.

The range of solar control glass, tinted glass, and clear glass is ideal for use across the home. Trendy and stylish, these glasses come with several functional advantages as well. Clear glass brings the best clarity in its class and tinted glass adds to the aesthetics with its attractive shades. The solar control glass helps control heat penetration and allows optimum daylight to enter the interiors. It also provides summer comfort and UV protection besides saving on electricity cost. With an exhaustive range of windows, canopies, skylights, balustrades, balconies, and staircases, Saint-Gobain’s glass is aesthetically and functionally suited.

The most recent entry to the existing range is the bouquet of home solutions, My Home, a service that helps end users create great living spaces and improve daily life by combining comfort and sustainability to enhance the wellbeing of people at home. From providing customized solutions to having it delivered through trained professionals, Saint-Gobain My Home will help at every step of building a home. This transformation combines materials with various hardware systems by using our competencies in design and engineering to develop truly futuristic solutions that provide wellbeing in your home spaces.

The Gyproc business includes gypsum plasterboard systems for false ceilings and drywall partition applications, acoustical ceiling tiles (gypsum, mineral fiber, metal & glass wool) and gypsum plastering solutions, plus a complementary range of metal framings and jointing & finishing products. It offers performance based false ceiling, drywalls and gypsum plastering solutions for all habitat spaces like homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, retail spaces, cinemas, industrial warehouses, schools, airports, metro stations, and stadiums.

As a part of the industrial mortar activity, the Weber business provides innovative solutions in areas related to wall rendering, flooring solutions, tile & stone fixing solutions, technical mortars, and insulation systems. In India, the business provides products and solutions for tile/stone fixing & care, tile & stone joint fillers (grouts), masonry mortar, waterproofing solutions, flooring solutions, sealers, impregnators, and application tools. Weber has manufacturing units located at 20 strategic locations across India.

Under the brand CertainTeed, the Group in India supplies premium Roofing Shingles for sloped roofs and Vinyl Sidings for external wall cladding. These products provide multi-comfort solutions for homes by imparting 100% waterproofing, world-class aesthetics and resistance to color-fading, blow-offs, fire and algal growth. With choice of designs and colors, no maintenance, ease of installation, suitability in every kind of weather, and life term warranty, Shingles and Sidings are now increasingly preferred across all regions of India. 

The polishing of floors i.e. Marble and Granite is done by using Silicon Carbide blocks manufactured by the Silicon Carbide (SiC) business. SiC Sharpening stones and Coated products are used in sharpening of wood carving tools. 

Through its ADFORS business, the Group offers glass fiber wall coverings that provide anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties that can be used to provide reinforcement to wall surfaces along with enhancing the ambience of inner space, removing abrasion and unnecessary wall cracks. These solutions reduce thermal discomfort and noise to provide a peaceful home environment. The business also provides insect screens for doors and window systems to protect from insects.