• Shared Principles

Whistle Blower Policy For India

The Whistle Blower (WB) Policy provides a secure framework, within which, the Group’s employees in India can play an important role in upholding the Principles and the Code of Conduct. The Policy encourages employees of the Group in India to report unethical or improper practices or acts, in particular, or violations of the Code of Conduct, in general. Under the Policy, every employee of the Group in India is expected to promptly report to the Whistle Blower Committees (Delegation/Company) any actual or possible violation of:

• The Saint-Gobain Principles of Conduct & Action
• The Code of Conduct for Employees
• Any unlawful, unethical or improper activity concerning any Saint-Gobain Business in India

It contains information on:

  • Applicability
  • Policy
  • Definitions
  • Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Disqualification
  • Procedures
  • Notification
  • Amendment

Read the Whistle Blower Policy here