• Shared Principles

Code of Conduct for Employees in India

The Code of Conduct is an elaboration of the Saint-Gobain Principles of Conduct and Action and sets out what is expected of the Group’s employees in India. The objective of this Code is to ensure that every employee of the Group in India is aware of acceptable conduct and behaviour, in consonance with Saint-Gobain’s Principles of Conduct and Action. The Code of Conduct has the following sections:

  • General Standards of Conduct
  • Equal Opportunities for All
  • Enabling Work Environment
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Payments, Gifts & Entertainment
  • Usage of Group’s/Company’s Assets
  • Compliance
  • Electronic Resources Usage
  • Handling Confidential Information
  • Media Policy
  • Procurement Practices
  • Relations with Customers
  • Free and Fair Competition
  • Environment, Health and Safety

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